How to Install Magisk Zip and Root Android Device

There are two ways to install Magisk on an Android device and we shall see them both in detail below.

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Note: Make sure to take a complete backup of your device before proceeding. Installing Magisk will root your Android device.

Method 1: Flashing Magisk Zip using TWRP Recovery

  1. Download the latest Magisk Zip file from here: Magisk Zip
  2. Transfer the downloaded Magisk Zip file to your phone’s internal memory.
  3. If your device is connected to your PC, disconnect the same.
  4. Reboot your device into TWRP Recovery. If you do not know the button combination to boot into TWRP, you can use the following ADB command:
    adb reboot recovery
    Note: You may need to enable USB Debugging before using the above command.
  5. Once you are in TWRP Recovery: Tap on ‘Install‘ and select the downloaded latest Magisk Zip File and ‘Swipe to confirm flash‘ to install Magisk Zip file.
  6. Once the above process completes, reboot your device.

Method 2: Flashing Magisk Patched Boot Image

If your device does not have TWRP recovery, then you can follow the below method to root your device with Magisk.

  1. Download the latest Magisk Manager APK from here: Magisk Manager APK. Install the downloaded APK file.
  2. The second thing you are going to need is the stock ‘boot.img‘ file of your device. You can get it from the official stock firmware images of your device. Where to download them? If you are using a Nexus or a Pixel device, you can get it here. For other devices, check the official support channels.
  3. Once you get hold of the stock ‘boot.img’ file of your device, copy it to the internal storage of your device.
  4. Open the Magisk Manager App > Tap on the menu icon in the top right corner and select ‘Settings‘. Tap on ‘Update Channel‘ and make sure ‘Beta‘ is selected.Install-Magisk-Android-Magisk-Beta
  5. Go back to the Magisk Manager main screen: Tap on ‘Install’  > Again tap on ‘Install’ > Select ‘Patch Boot Image File’.Install-Magisk-Android-Patch-Boot-Image-File
  6. You will be asked to select the ‘boot.img’ file of your device. Navigate to and select the ‘boot.img’ which you had saved in the internal storage of your device previously.
  7. Magisk Manager will take the things from here. Wait for the process to complete.
  8. The ‘patched_boot.img’ file will be present in the ‘Magisk Manager‘ folder on your device. [Check both Internal and External Storages.].
  9. Copy the ‘patched_boot.img’ file to the folder where ADB and Fastboot are installed on your PC.
  10. Open a command window on the folder where ADB and Fastboot are installed.
    1. Go to the folder where ADB and Fastboot are installed.
    2. Hold down Shift Key + Right Click > Select ‘Open Command Window here’ or ‘Open PowerShell Window here’.Open-PowerShell-Window-Windows
  11. Reboot your device into Fastboot mode by executing the following command in the command prompt:
    adb reboot bootloader
  12. Execute the following command to install Magisk 16.4 Beta update:
    fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img
  13. Once the flashing process completes, reboot your device using the following command:
    fastboot reboot
  14. Done!

When the device reboots, go to Magisk Manager and make sure that magisk is properly installed.

These are the two ways by which you can install Magisk on your Android device.

Recommended Download

You can download the latest version of Magisk Zip and Magisk Manager APK by visiting this link: Magisk

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